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VC’s Blog

January 16th 2013:

Since it’s the new year it is a good time to mention some hair trends sure to be popular in 2013! By now most of us have heard of and seen the “ombre” hair trend which blends one colour at the root to another on the ends. In 2013 we can expect to see a shift of the drastic brown to blonde ombre to more of a subtle sun-kissed ombre, also being called “sombre”. This is perfect for clients looking for a low maintenance colour that won’t have them running back to the salon to get a root retouch done every 6 weeks. Another colour trend we can expect to see continuing into this year is colouring the ends of hair or the “dip dye” technique. Used often with fun fashion colours, this hairstyle can also be achieved using temporary colour rubs for clients looking to change things up without any commitment. As far as haircuts go, 2013 will see an increase in short, above the shoulder cuts. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway got the ball rolling last year on short, versatile haircuts that have since exploded in popularity. For those of us not quite as daring, bob haircuts are another trendy style choice this year. From shoulder length to chin length, this easy to maintain type of haircut is making a comeback. Already have a bob? Try adding a fringe (aka bang). Style trends for 2013 include low ponytails, a variety of braids, loose waves, deep side parts and for both men and women pompadours are going to continue to be quite popular.

-Visible Changes Team

November 28th 2012:

Visible Changes is now offering online booking to our clients! This will include the ability to search for and create appointments with our stylists as well as email reminders sent 48 hours prior to your appointment (phone call confirmation is still available if that is preferable). In order to create an online client account we require your email in our salon management system (this way only salon clientele have access to our online booking). You can find the link to our online booking in the “Links” tab at the bottom of our website. We are very excited about this and hope our clientele find it easy and convenient to use!

-Visible Changes Team

November 21st 2012:

In the past couple weeks we’ve been trying out a few products from the Milk_Shake haircare line from Italy. The first thing we loved about it was the fragrance.  Somewhere between a vanilla cake and white jelly bean scent, it seduces everyone who gets a whiff. It’s amazing. Trust me. I picked up Milk_Shake’s Conditioning Whipped Cream to try out and the more I use it the more I love it. I’ve used Moroccanoil oil every day since it became available in Canada and although I still love it and will continue to use it, the Conditioning Whipped Cream leaves my hair feeling noticeably softer and shinier than the Moroccanoil alone. The Whipped Cream is indeed packaged like a whipped cream you’d buy from the grocery store so I was a little weary about the presence of alcohols that seem to find their way into mousses. Myristyl Alcohol is listed in the ingredients – however it is a long chain, fatty alcohol that is actually a conditioning agent so no need to worry about it drying out your hair! Overall Milk_Shakes’ line is a little more natural based than most other hair care companies, utilizing milk proteins and fruit extracts to keep hair in the best condition possible. We currently have the Color Maintainer Shampoo & Conditioner, Leave In Conditioner and of course the Conditioning Whipped Foam for purchase if you’d like to try anything out!

-Sarah H.


October 24th 2012:

So this is our new website! We are going to be using it a lot more (along with our Facebook page) to let clients know about our promotions, current trends, new products and hopefully some how-to’s! Our blog will be updated often so check back soon for anything new at the salon! You can also like us on Facebook to get updates automatically on your news feed if that is something you’re interested in.

-Sarah H